Regulation and Markets

Developing market instruments and a strong regulatory framework are essential in order to ensure that energy is delivered reliably and at least cost.

There is considerable UK and international experience in this area; however there are still issues that require more attention particularly in light of climate change and energy security challenges. In our work, we focus not only on the UK but also on international experience and debates.

Our research in this area:

Erkan Erdogdu: A cross-country analysis of electricity market reforms: potential contribution of new institutional economics
EPRG 1216 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF
David Newbery: The Robustness of Agent-Based Models of Electricity Wholesale Markets
EPRG 1213 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF
Erkan Erdogdu: The Political Economy of Electricity Market Liberalization: A Cross-country Approach
EPRG 1212 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF
Luis Orea and Jevgenijs Steinbuks: Estimating Market Power in Homogeneous Product Markets Using a Composed Error Model: Application to the California Electricity Market
EPRG 1210 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF
Stephen Bordignon and Stephen Littlechild: The Hunter Valley Access Undertaking: elements of a negotiated settlement
EPRG1206 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF
David Newbery: Reforming Competitive Electricity Markets to Meet Environmental Targets
EPRG 1126  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF
Rabindra Nepal and Tooraj Jamasb: Market Integration, Efficiency, and Interconnectors: The Irish Single Electricity Market
EPRG 1121  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF
David Newbery: Contracting for wind generation
EPRG1120  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF
Stephen Littlechild: Regulation, customer protection and customer engagement
EPRG 1119  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF
Simon Taylor: Can New Nuclear Power Plants be Project Financed?
EPRG 1118  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF
Rabindra Nepal and Tooraj Jamasb: Reforming Small Power Systems Under Political Volatility: The Case of Nepal
EPRG 1114  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF